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Stabilizers, thickeners, gelling agents

Stabilizers, thickeners, gelling agents
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GELACID S1 Stabilizer: cream cheese, melted
GELACID G Stabilizer: cream cheese, melted
GELACID T Stabilizer: milk cream, pulp and tomate concentrate
GELAN K Stabilizer: drinkable yogurt
GELAN R Stabilizer: drinkable yogurt
GELAN T Stabilizer: smoothies yogurt
GELAN 4-A Gelling agent: dulce de leche
GELAN FN Gelling agent: flan
GELAN EN Gelling agent (similar gelatin)
GELAN EN-2 Stabilizer: chocolate milk
GELAN EN-3 Stabilizer: cream cheese, melted
GELACID A Gelling agent: cooked daly meats, sweets and jams
GELACID D Stabilizer, emulsifier: pates, sausages, hash, mayonnaise-based dressing
GELACID H Stabilizer: ice creams, sauces, sweets and jams
GELAN IC Dairy-based ice creams
GELACID BM Stabilizer: low calorie dressings
GELACID SD Stabilizer: low calorie dressings
GELAN TM Stabilizer: dressings
GELACID NR Gelling agent: reconstituted vegetables 
QUIMODUR Emulsifier: desserts, pastas, ice creams
GELAN SB Stabilizer: dressings, dairy desserts
GELACID S Stabilizer: milk-based alcoholic beverages
GELACID J Stabilizer: fruit-based beverages, pulp and tomato concentrate
GELAN 7-C Gelling agent: honey and dulce de leche
ALGINATES Alginates: food in general