Your company and Our products

Biotec develops and markets food additives to stabilize various end products.

Your company and Our products

Biotec develops and markets food additives to stabilize various end products. Depending on the type of food that is produced, the production process and the composition and raw materials used, we develop the appropriate stabilizer to meet established standards and protocols, and the expectations of its consumers. For this we have a modern laboratory of Quality & Development and a trained team of specialists that provides technical assistance from the birth of a project, during development, scale in up and production. For each branch of the industry we have Taylor made products and commodities guaranteeing availability and permanent stock.

Our stabilizers are developed based on carrageenan type Iota and Kappa, xanthan gum, guar gum, locust bean gum, sodium alginate, propylene glycol alginate, high and low acyl gellan gum, modified starches, agar agar, among others. For microbiological control we have Nisina (Tecnis) for bacteria and Natamycin (Tecnat S) for fungi and yeasts; we also have a wide range of antifungal vinyl and aqueous coatings for the cheese industry.
On the other hand we offer stabilizers for the dairy industry for the different matrices: yoghurts (drinks, shakes), desserts (firm, creamy), puddings (ready to eat), dulce de leche (stabilizers and antifungals), cream of milk (of different fat content), cheeses (stabilizers and toppings) and flavored milks (chocolate, acidified and others).

For the meat industry in Biotec we focus on water retention agents for cooked products (refined and semi-refined carrageenans, blends of thickening hydrocolids), and also has fat substitutes (such as fat slices for ham and low-fat hamburgers) fatty) and adhesion agents for use in reconstituted products.

For the candy industry, we have stabilizing systems for gummies (without gelatin), marshmallows, stuffed cookies and alfajores, among others.
In the ice cream industry Biotec has added to its variety of products, neutral stabilizers for artisanal and industrial ice creams, for sale in bulk, aerated, creamy, water and dessert-ice cream type.

We offer stabilizers "without TACC" suitable for celiacs and products specially designed for gluten replacement in bakeries.
In reference to the beverage industry, we have stabilizers and thickeners for powdered juices, liquids (diluted and / or concentrated), liqueurs (creamy, fruit), snacks, soy and almond milks, among many others.

To finish and in reference to other mass consumption industries such as sweets, sweets, powder premixtures, dressings, among others, Biotec provides gelling or thickening systems, both for high calorie products as well as for dietetic products or reduced in fat or solids, lights.
Do not hesitate to ask about other applications, Biotec is part of the solution to your problems.