Stabilizers: These are substances that enable the formation or maintenance of a uniform dispersion of two or more non-mixable substances in a food. Stabilizers are products that help stabilize the structure of food. The stabilizers are mostly gums or hydrocolloids that regulate the consistency of food mainly because after their hydration they form bonds or hydrogen bonds that through the entire product
forms a network that reduces the mobility of the remaining water. When working with stabilizers, these effects are easily observable, since they impart a high viscosity or even form a gel.

When we cut in two a piece of meat with a water content of 75% or a fruit with up to 85% water, the water does not spill, therefore there are forces that retain the water content in a relatively integrated state. This is due to the proteins of the meat and the pectin present in the fruit (natural stabilizers). Biotec S.A. It has a wide range of stabilizers for the various branches of the food industry.