New Newsletter, Good news

New Newsletter, Good news


Biotec turned 40 years old and from the first moment we have always managed with the same philosophy of work. Reinforcing this idea and starting this year, Biotec will seek to be in contact with companies in a new way, to provide relevant information and generate communication channels in order to establish a framework of general interest for the search for profitable solutions, exchange of experiences , technological advances and achieve the expected results to the challenges that together we will propose, with flexibility and dynamism.

We think and we know that we can go from an artisanal production to an industrial one with the same quality standard.

That the functional formulations are for the optimum use of each of its components. In our products it is essential.

That detecting the problems that a food product can present in a gondola and providing the corresponding solution is what is always sought.

That research and develop new solutions that improve the quality of the final product and facilitate its production, with basic ideas such as adding the additive before the thermal process with better result than doing it in the end is part of the key.

That achieving the desired texture and consistency are some of our purposes.

In short, comply with our motto "your problem is our challenge ..." as a constant in our daily work and, also looking to reinvest in raw material of first quality, in space to produce and store the finished products until delivery to your company , relieving it of the constant problems of logistics

The staff of Biotec in its different branches do so conscientiously since it knows of its contribution to the well-being of the community in both research and development, as production-quality, administration and sales. We work seriously and responsibly in each of the areas mentioned.

We consider then, this newsletter, as another tool in the pursuit of the objectives that are presented to us on a daily basis. Your success is ours and your challenge too. We invite you to know our methodology and work philosophy. Our doors are open. Always.